Kana offers the largest selection of BOP’s along with full after-sales service for many years, and has sold over 750 set of BOP.


The bore sizes of our BOP products range from 7-1/16" to 30" and rated working pressure range from 2000psi to 20,000psi.


All of the BOPs and parts are sold and served through our service partner, Control technology Inc. (CTI)

Kana supplies single and double drawwork with full after-sales service. Our drawworks are available of band brake, disc brake, electromagnetic brake and groove structure is φ22/ φ26 LEBUS groove.


Kana supplies OEM SJ300/600 high quality plunger pumps with full after-sales service. SJ300 and SJ600 triplex are reciprocating, positive displacement and horizontal single-acting pump with maximum 350/600 hp. They are proved to be very reliable products by the wide usage in oil well operation in North America.


 Kana supplies F-series lighter and high pressure mud pump: RS-F500/800/1000/1300/1600 with full service.